Explorers is founded by Reem Askalan in 2006 with the aim to spread knowledge about the heritage of the Middle East using games as vehicles to attract different age groups.

Reem Askalan’s multidisciplinary academic background covers a Master Degree in City Planning from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a Master Degree in Near Eastern Studies from New York University (NYU), and a Bachelor Degree in Marketing and Management from Boston University (BU). Her academic education and work experience covered continuous research of subjects related to the history, urban development, architecture, art, politics, and economics of Middle Eastern cities and towns.

The idea of using a game as a medium to reach Arab audience of different backgrounds and age groups came five years ago, but the desire to share and spread knowledge about Middle Eastern diverse cultural history came thirteen years ago upon the completion of the Near Eastern Studies degree. The persisting drive and current necessity to bring closer the wide spectrum of the Arab cultural heritage to the Arab audience culminated in the making of Explorers.

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