The following are comments and impressions of some of the pilot players of Explorers:

It is an entertaining game that relies on gained knowledge that develops with the student. It introduces the player to the civilizations and history of the Middle East; the cradle of all civilizations and the source of all religions and sciences.

High school Student.

This is an educational game with lots of entertainment. Through this game one gains knowledge…… and develops skills of dialogue among the players.

High school Student.

The game is highly enjoyable, useful and intriguing. The information on the cards is so varied that the “smart” player cannot anticipate what the next card would be even if he/she is conversant with the period of his/her choice. Since the information on the card covers a large time span, from ancient times till contemporary ones, it is unavoidable that all players would learn something new, for no one would conceivably know all the periods of Near/middle Eastern history. The game is also complex enough to put the players in a state of constant suspense and to sharpen their wits to try to get into familiar territory. And while the concept of the game is intellectually quite refined and sophisticated, sufficient room for it is left to chance, thus making it on par with simpler, more popular commercial games.

Professor Wadad al-Kadi of Islamic Studies at Chicago University in U.S.A.

The game covers three main goals: entertainment, knowledge, and journey in the history of the Arabic and Islamic civilization. The density of information, the large time span, and the various logical multiple-choice make this game besides its educational element a journey of discovery. Through this journey the players add to their knowledge, instigate their imagination, and refresh unused information. Overall, the game offers something new for the players to keep coming back to.

Explorers focuses on the Arab Middle Eastern history while incorporating refined intellectual concepts and skills..… . I believe this game could play a distinguished cultural role in the Arab World.

…. .. An outstanding work that ought to be employed and used as a tool for modern communication and not only among Arab audience, but also for anyone who is interested in the civilizations and history of this region.

Professor Ridwan al-Sayyed of Islamic Studies at the Lebanese University.

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