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Ottomans & Mamluks

Ottomans & Mamluks



Mamluks & Ottomans (12thCentury A.D. – 19thCentury A.D.): the main theme of this postcard is the period of non-Arab dynasties ruling the Arab-Muslim world. This period covers the rule of the Ayyubids, Mumluks, and Ottomans which also include wars against the Mongols and the Crusades. It also covers the making of new social systems and endless bloody internal disputes and external wars. The colour red was chosen for this period to reflect on the intensity of the bloody wars and assassinations that continued for hundreds of years under the rule of Anatolian origin dynasties. Also, the images of an Ottoman manuscript of a battle, war map, and a war shield are all icons of a horrific era for Middle Eastern societies.

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