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Rahala / Explorers

Rahala / Explorers


Rahala/Explorers is the first adults quiz board-game devoted to 4000 years of the Middle East history for family and friends fun gatherings in mind. It includes loads of information provided through an exciting medium full of surprises. It covers the time period of the 20th Century B.C. until the end of the 20th Century A.D.. It is divided into six eras with the `mood` of each historic era is captured thematically through its questions and graphical representation.

The aim of the game is for the player to ‘travel’ between the six eras using labyrinth paths while answering questions to gain ‘Points of knowledge’. However, unlike most game, the winner is not the one who finishes the fastest but the one who collects the most ‘Point of Knowledge’. In other words, luck of the dice might help you in moving forward faster than everybody, but luck alone is not enough to make you a winner.

Beside the history questions there are ‘Open Questions’ that are philosophic-social questions. There are no right or wrong answers for these questions, for example, “ Is History true?”, “What is Time?”, or “ When does freedom fighting ends and terrorism begins?”. The player who falls on such a step while passing the labyrinth paths will have to speak at least for one minute where s/he will get to express their opinion to everyone else and make s/he can earn ‘Point of Knowledge’.

For more information in Arabic and english, please check our official website at www.rahala.net.

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